Meet The Trainers

Haley Ball - Group Fitness Instructor

Haley Ball


  • PiYo Certified 
  • ACE Group Fitness Certification 

My name is Haley Ball. I have been a group fitness enthusiast since college!  I decided to follow my passion and become certified in PiYo in the fall of 2014, which then led me into my ACE group fitness certification in the winter of 2015. I love working with people of all fitness levels and seeing the looks of accomplishments when people have pushed further than they thought they could in class!  I hope to see you in a class soon!

Heidi Myers - Fitness Instructor

Heidi Myers


  • High Fitness certified 

Heidi is certified to teach High Fitness, and she loves to teach.  Heidi's background includes majoring in dance at Ricks College, dancing with different teams (including the Boise State Mane Line Dancers), performing, and teaching Zumba.  Her favorite things to do are spending time with family, playing the piano, running and doing anything active.

Lindsay Marler - Fitness Instructor

Lindsay Marler


  • AFAA Group Fitness Certification 
  • TurboKick Certification 

Hi, my name is Lindsay Marler.  I am an energetic mother of five that caught the fitness bug about five years ago and made the leap to group fit instructor three years ago.  I enjoy teaching boot-camp-style classes and strength classes, but my favorite format is TurboKick.  I have an AFAA group fit certification and a TurboKick certification.  My classes are high intensity, high energy and a lot of fun.  

Lara Erekson - Group Fitness Instructor

Lara Erekson


  • AFFA Primary Group Excercise 

Hi, my name is Lara Erekson. I love group fitness and have have been teaching a variety of classes for over 3 years. My favorite classes to teach are Zumba, Turbo Kick and Yoga. I have my Primary Group Exercise certification from AFAA, the Athletics and Fitness Association of America.  My goal as an instructor is to make fitness  fun, safe and to give you a great workout!  Come join me and let’s make fitness a priority together! 

Rachel Perez - Zumba Instructor

Rachel Perez


  • Zumaba-1 

My name is Rachel Perez and I excited to be part of the team here at Nampa's Idaho Fitness Factory location. As a Zumba-1 certified instructor my classes are fun, energetic and a great work out. I have been a dancer and singer ever since I was a little girl and have taught all types of dance from hip hop, jazz, lyrical, tap & ballet on and off over the years. I also have experience in personal training and have always enjoyed fitness.

Leslie Simmons - Yoga Instructor

Leslie Simmons

Leslie fell in love with yoga as a means of quieting the busy mind, recentering and becoming more present in everyday life. She has learned yoga to be beautifully healing, empowering and a gift to find internal surrender. She feels yoga is defined by each unique individual and what they personally need. She hopes all who attend find shining brightly within themselves a bit more clarity, empowerment, light and deep joy through their practice.

Danica Rhoades - Fitness Instructor

Danica Rhoades

Danica has been teaching group fitness for just shy of 14 years. She's a Beachbody LIVE master trainer, currently representing Idaho in PiYo LIVE and INSANITY LIVE (stay tuned for more formats soon!). She can also teach TurboKick, P90X, Country Heat, Zumba, yoga, Pilates, bootcamp, HIIT training, core training, cycling, and pretty much any format you can dream up!

Brandon Grenz

Brandon Grenz

Brandon has been teaching crossfit classes for 3 years, has a passion for obstacle races, loves pushing clients past their limits and watching them grow stronger physically and mentally. Oh, and he *hearts* burpees!

Yvonne Miovac - Zumba Instructor

Yvonne Miovac

Yvonne has always been an active person, but her strongest drive is in dance. She loves being up front, motivating others with the fun beats and patterns of Zumba.

Sara Cassinelli - PiYo Instructor

Sara Cassinelli


  • PiYo Live!
  • AFFA
  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling

My name is Sara Cassinelli and I am a PiYo Live! instructor. I’ve been teaching PiYo for almost four years and love how this format transforms the body and caters to all fitness levels. It’s a great muscle-sculpting, core-strengthening class that provides different exercise options for the person who walks into class for the first time or is a class regular. Everyone leaves class feeling like they had a successful workout. I have been a group fitness instructor for six years and am also certified through AFAA and Schwinn indoor cycling. When I’m not teaching, I’m spending time with my family playing sports, camping, hiking, and fishing.