Q: Is it $20 a month for unlimited use?

A: Yes, $20 a month gives you unlimited access to the Idaho Fitness Factory facility of your choice. You  can also add Unlimited Tanning, Unlimited Group Fitness, Unlimited InBody Scans and Multi Club access for an additional fee each month. 


Q: Is my membership valid at all locations?

A: The Classic membership gives you unlimited access to your home club only. You can add Multi Club Access to your membership for an additional fee each month.  

Q: Are there any cancellation fees?

A: Members may cancel at any time without a fee. All we ask is that you come into any Idaho Fitness Factory location and sign a cancellation form.

Q: What are your staffed hours?

A:  We are staffed from 11-7 Monday through Friday and 10-2 on Saturdays.  For safety purposes, there are Emergency Buttons in each room of every location which immediately alerts the police.  There are also security cameras located though out the gyms.  We want our members to feel safe at all times so we do not allow guests during unstaffed hours.

Q: Are the gyms crowded?

A: Not usually. The peak times are Mon-Thurs, 4:30-7:00 pm. January is the busiest month of the year. However, it is rare to have to wait on anything even during the busiest times.

Q: How does the tanning work?

A: Members can add Unlimited Tanning to their membership for an additional fee each month. All of our beds are level 3 High Pressure with tan times from 8-12 minutes.

Q:  What is the Club Enhancement fee?

A:  The Club Enhancement fee is a once yearly $39 fee.  These fees help us keep our prices low and are used to provide great classes, new equipment and preserve the clean and up-to-date environment at the gyms.

Q: Can I bring a guest?

A: Guest are allowed during staffed hours Monday-Friday 11-7 & Saturday 10-4. Guests must be 18-years or older unless they come with parent/legal guardian. All guest must check in at the front desk, fill out guest form and pay the $5 day pass fee before using the gym. Guest are only allowed during staffed hours.  We strictly enforce this policy and will charge members $50 per violation of this policy.  


Q: Can I pay cash each month or pay in full for a certain amount of time?

A: Our month to month membership dues are collected through monthly drafts and require a checking / savings account, or credit / debit card. This allows us to focus on fitness, not collections, and also gives our members complete control over the length of their memberships. We do offer 1,3,6 or 12 month prepaid memberships for those who are uncomfortable with having their account drafted.

Q: What is the minimum age to become a member?

A: The minimum age is 12, with parental/legal guardian consent. Children aged 12-15 must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian at all times and must have their own membership to be able to use the gym facilities. Teens aged 16-17 can use the gyms on their own, but we still require a parent/legal guardian signature when they setup their membership.

Q: How do your lockers work?

A: We offer Lockers rentals for $10/month. There are also day use only lockers available to all members free of charge. We don’t provide locks, so bring your own lock. If you use the free day use lockers please take all personal belongings when you leave. 

Q: Do you have childcare?

A: We do not offer supervised childcare, but we do have Kid’s Rooms available at every location free of charge for all members. Children must be 3-years of age or older.  The Kid's Rooms have cable TV, WiFi and homework stations with laptop/phone chargers.  Kids are not allowed to be in the gym area at any time due to liability reasons.  Parent/guardians of children playing in the Kid’s Rooms need to clean up after their children before leaving the facilities.

Q: Do you offer exercise classes?

A: We offer Group Exercise classes at all locations. You can add Unlimited Group Fitness to your membership for an additional $20 fee each month or pay a drop in fee per class. For members the drop in is $5, for non members it is $10. 

Q: If I become ill or leave town, can I put my membership on hold?
A: Yes, we do offer a "freeze" option. There is no fee to put a membership on freeze and all membership dues stop while on freeze.

Q: What if I lose my swipe card?
A: You can pick up a new swipe card free of charge at any IFF location.

Prior to May 2020, All IFF memberships were considered either "Basic" or "Premium".  These packages are no longer available but any existing members with these packages are grandfathered in to all those benefits.

Q: What are the advantages to having a grandfathered membership?

  • Premium members save $25 per month.

  • Basic members save $5 per month.

  • Basic & Premium members have 24/7 access to all locations. New members now pay an additional $5 to use multiple clubs. 

  • Premium members pay only $10 per month for both Unlimited Tanning and Group Fitness. New members pay $10 per month for Unlimited Tanning and $20 for Unlimited Group Fitness.


Q: Are there additional benefits to having a grandfathered membership?

A: Yes. Basic members can still upgrade to Premium whenever they want and Premium members can downgrade to Basic. We have always allowed for Basic & Premium members to upgrade/downgrade anytime without a fee and that will not change as long as you are a member. 


Q: If I cancel and come back can I get my grandfathered membership back?

A: No. Once you cancel, your grandfathered membership will no longer be available. 


Q: If I add the InBody enhancements will it affect my grandfathered status?

A: No. Any Basic or Premium members can add InBody monthly or InBody Unlimited to their current membership without affecting grandfathered status.