Corporate Membership 

Simple, affordable, Corporate Membership Package for qualifying businesses. 

24 - Hour Access






Why offer a Corporate Membership to your employees?

  • Reduce company health care costs an average of $3.75 for each dollar invested.

  • Absenteeism reduced by $5.06 for each dollar invested. 

  • Increased Productivity. The cost of underproduction due to poor employee health is 2-3 times greater than direct health care expenses. 

  • 94% of CEOs believe a health and wellness program is essential to attracting top talent.


  • Minimum Employees per membership: 8

  • Payment: A single payment source is required.

  • Payment Frequency: Monthly


  • Premium VIP access

  • $25/month for each employee

  • No additional fees. 

  • Employees can be added or removed at anytime.

Membership Benefits

  • 24/7 Access to all locations

  • Unlimited Group Fitness

  • Unlimited Tanning

  • 15% discount on Nutritional Supplements

  • Free Towels

  • Free access cards