Squat Depth- The Final Answer-T Nation

Here's what you need to know...

1.  All squatters are different. Therefore, all squatters will squat differently.

2.  Stop forcing yourself through painful squat depths without any rhyme or reason.

3.  Don't cheat the tests below. And don't continue to squat with potentially debilitating depths and setups.

4.  The clear-cut requisite to a safe squat pattern is a neutral spine throughout the full range of motion.

Avoid These Common Exercise Mistakes, Myths and Misconceptions

Clear up any confusion and let these workout tips improve your workout routine.

Experience has shown that even seasoned fitness fanatics sometimes hold onto certain exercise misconceptions and make some pretty common mistakes. The mistakes listed below are not necessarily harmful (though some are), but can sure lead to a lot of wasted time. The workout tips should help solve any problems.

Some of these misconceptions might have prevented you from starting a fitness program in the first place.

Common Mistake: Failure to set goals.


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