Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Flys

Mallie Miller, IFF member since 2018.  

Mallie says she like working out at Idaho Fitness Factory because "it's a loving community of people. The staff is friendly and she finds encouragement here.  She never feels embarrassed.  It's a comfortable place!"


Mallie is working on 

Shoulder Dumbbell Flys


The dumbbell fly (also called reverse fly) is an exercise designed to work several key upper body muscle groups. This exercise strengthens and develops the three groups of deltoid muscles in the shoulders and also targets the upper back muscles.

Because of its wide range of motion, this is an excellent exercise for strengthening both the upper back and shoulder muscles. It also does a good job of stabilizing the shoulder blades for better spine support and improved posture.

The triceps also provide a supporting role to keep your form consistent so the exercise trains the muscles correctly and doesn't injure your shoulders.