One Arm Lat Pull Downs

Build symmetry in your back with this unilateral variation of a classic machine move.


Attach a D- handle and position yourself as you would for a regular lat pulldown.

*Reach up and grasp the handle with the neutral grip ( palm facing in), with your torso fully erect, arm fully extended and chest out. (You may need to stand up first to pull the handle to you then sit down on the seat or ground).

* With your working arm fully extended, lean back 10-15 degrees and look straight forward.

* Drop your shoulder by depressing your clavicles, and avoid pinching or shrugging your neck.

* Squeeze your shoulder blades together, take a deep breath and pull the handle to your upper chest, focusing on the lats and pulling your elbow back and down.

* Pause, then slowly release the handle back to the start.