Never Miss A Monday

We all get it, coming back to work after 2 days off is hard, you're mentally drained and may have a long to-do list for the week ahead fo you, but no matter how tired you may be, getting in that Monday workout could be the best thing you do all week

  • It sets the tone for the week, if you're already on a roll working out on Monday, you're more likely to continue throughout the week 
  • You will ALWAYS feel better mentally for working out, so make it happen in that first day of the week 
  • Exercise reduces stress, so what better way to prepare for the work week ahead than a good sweat? 
  • Better Nutrition-If you start the week off with a great calorie burn you're less likely to "ruin the workout" with unhealthy food, and this attitude will continue on the next couple days as well 
  • Typically people who workout sleep better, enough said
  • Maybe for the next couple days you are too busy to get in a workout, you can feel comfort knowing you did it Monday at least!