Staying Motivated In The Gym- 5 Tips

1. Get yourself a workout buddy-they will help keep you accountable, help push you and keep you company! 

2. Have an end goal in mind-sign up for a 5 or 10k! If you have something to train for you are more likely to get to the gym on a regular basis

3. Try a LOT of new workouts, maybe you'll fall in love with something you never even knew about! Come try out our Group Fitness Classes, hop on a machine you normally wouldnt (ask staff how it works if you're unsure) or pick up some weights if you're normally a cardio bunny 

4. STRETCH- I think a lot of people will give up working out for a few days if they're too sore. And too many days away from the gym just makes it that much harder to come back in consistently. So be sure to stretch so you never have to miss a workout! 

Never Skip A Warm-up!

Warming up your muscles before a workout is so important! A warm-up should consist of light cardiovascular work with a little stretching to prepare your body for exercise. About 20 minutes on average is a good time to aim for. Keep reading for more reasons to show up a little early for that workout: 

1. Prevent injury-keeping the muscles warm will prevent tears and strains 

2. Prepares your heart, decreasing the chances of blood pressure rising too quickly 

3. Increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles, preventing you from getting out of breath too quickly 

4. Mental prep- you will workout harder and longer because you eased into the workout 

What Is The Glycemic Index

Ever wonder why certain foods seem to make you feel sluggish? Or sleepy, energized, normal, or totally crash? It has a lot to do with carbohydrates and where they fall on the Glycemic Index

This is basically a scale measuring what carbs are fast or slow burning and how they will effect your blood sugar. It takes into account a food's starch count, as well as proteins, fats and carbs.

The lower the number, the slower that food will breakdown, causing a slower burning energy and no real crash. A higher GI number may effect your blood sugar negatively, causing a rush of energy followed by a sharp decline

Getting Yourself To Really Love Exercise


Find a workout you enjoy-sounds like a no-brainer right? I unfortunately hear too many people discussing hitting the treadmill and dreading it because running hurts them, or they just don't enjoy it. Well...then STOP running and try the row machine for your cardio, or the stairs, or jump rope...

Make it your "me time" put on a killer playlist, or even a podcast and really focus on yourself for that hour. Everything else can wait

Or make it your time to socialize! Grab a few friends and take a class together! Zumba is the new Happy Hour! 

Do at least 3 different forms of exercise a week, if you are constantly changing things up, you will never get bored. Go extreme between yoga one day, weights the next, then a run, then try a HIIT class....

The Hype Around Collagen

Collagen powders have been popular for awhile now, but what are they? How do they work? And should you start taking it? 

What is Collagen 

The most abundant protein in our bodies, collagen is found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels and tendons. It gives our skin elasticity and aids in digestion. As we age, the collagen in our bodies deteriorates, so the older you are, taking a collagen powder may be beneficial! It also helps boost metabolism, reduce stretch marks and cellulite, improve leaky gut, and improves and strengthens hair, nails and teeth! 

Collagen Powders

Almond Flour Chicken Strip Recipe

Image result for almond flour chicken tenders


I made this the other night in an attempt to indulge in some delicious classic chicken strips, but light on the carbs and unhealthy fat, and it was a success!


  • 1 lb organic chicken tenders
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup almond flour
  • 2 tbsp flax meal
  • Spices of choice: I used S&P, garlic, paprika, dried parsley, and steak seasoning 


Preheat oven to 425. Mix dry ingredients in a shallow bowl, and crack the egg into another bowl, whisk it up

Eat These Foods For Clear Skin


1. Cruciferous Vegetables:

Because these veggies help fight inflammation and balance gut flora your skin gets to reap the benefits. Broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts should be on the menu a few times a week

2. Berries: 

The more vibrantly colored the better when it comes to produce-and berries are at the top of that list! The antioxidant count is super high therefore so is the collagen and anti-aging properties. Collagen keeps skin plump, therefore less wrinkles

3. Fermented Foods: 

They keep a healthy balance of good vs bad bacteria in your gut and that will shine through your skin! 

4. Vinegar:

5 Moves That Are Best When Performed Sitting Down

1. Cable Rows: To properly target your upper back you want to be focused on the shoulder blades moving towards each other; when you stand to do a cable row you risk unintentionally arching your back, which takes the emphasis off your target muscles
2. Bicep Curls: Sitting while doing a bicep curl forces you to use a dumbbell instead of a bar, which helps to isolate the bicep better. It also limits the use of your legs or back for assistance 
3. Chest Press: Sitting for this move allows your shoulders to be in the perfect position to form a press. Standing gives you a bit too much freedom
4. Dumbbell Overhead Press: Doing this move while sitting forces you to totally rely on the shoulders to press the dumbbells upward as opposed to using your legs for assistance


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