Common Food And Exercise Mistakes

1. Eating too much post-workout: 

Many people may think that they need to eat a huge meal after a workout, to replace energy, carbs and protein. Be careful with your post-workout meal however, you could be overeating! No need to go crazy afterwards, a simple meal of 6oz protein, a large serving of vegetables and a 1/2 cup serving of quinoa should be enough for most to refuel and feed the muscles, while also reaping the weight loss benefits of the workout

2. Thinking you need to replace electrolytes with a sports drink: 

Unless you are working out ALL day long or playing a very intense sport, there is no need to drink anything other than pure, zero calorie water

3. Counting On Exercise Alone: 

Working out alone will not result in a significant weight loss unless it is paired with a proper diet. Eating whole foods, perhaps smaller portions than before, plenty of water and  plenty of protein are exercise's best friends. Eating clean while also fueling post workout so your muscles grow is the best way to see results 

4. Protein drinks,  unnecessary shakes and protein bars: 

These pre-packaged foods that are marketed as healthy are likely anything but. Most likely they contain too many gross ingredients, too much sugar and even too many calories. Stick to meat, beans and rice or quality dairy products for your protein sources